A New York State and New York City Certified Minority Business Enterprise Distributor of science-based eco-friendly products

Distributor of NOSCENT brand environmental-friendly products that include odor elimination bacteria-based agents and the “SMART WASH” biodegradable mitts for body cleaning without water and towel. Applications are for municipal waste treatments, hospitals, nursing homes, home health, animal litter manufacturing, camping, farms, military etc.

about us

Traders International, Inc. is a New York State and New York City Certified Minority Business Enterprise. We have applied for the SBA’s 8(a) Small Business Certification. Traders International, Inc. distributes the globally acclaimed products of Noscentnaturals Corp. d/b/a NoScentus and SmartWashus. The products are eco-friendly, green, and all natural. Our mission is to bring eco-friendly problem-solving innovations to market. The current products solve Odor and Cleaning problems naturally. Traders International, Inc. receives technical assistance from the Rockland Regional Center New York State Small Business Development Center at Rockland Community College.
Kofi A. Boateng CPA, PhD is the Founder/President of Traders International, Inc.


Traders International, Inc. distributes Noscentnaturals Corp’s (NoScent) human, and animal bacteria-based odor elimination products. The NoScent odor elimination products are ideal for municipal waste, odor control, sewage treatment plants, cat litter manufacturing, composting facilities, commercial, residential cleaning, smoke/mildew remediation, hospital/nursing home cleaning, animal waste, farms/zoos and many more applications. The concentrated NoScent odor eliminator comes in 1 gal, 5gals, 55 gal drums for the cocktailed human-generated malaodors; and 5gals, and 55gal drums for the pet/animal generated malodors. Consumer spray sizes are available on Amazon.

Smart WashTM Body Mitt

SmartWashTM Body Mitt is a new product line for waterless body cleaning. SmartWash is easy and convenient for patient body cleaning in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, military, camping, sports,...

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    GREEN Micro-Encapsulating Spray – Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Degreaser

    All Natural, plant-based micro-encapsulating spray- commercial and residential. 3-In-1 Odor eliminator cleaner and degreaser For use against malodors caused by garbage, smoke, mildew, grease, urine, and vomit. Encapsulates and eliminates...

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    Carpet Bedding and Upholstery

    All the above PLUS Penetrates carpets and floors below. Can be used on mattresses without concern for mold creation. No color fading or staining to upholstery and clothing.

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    Bathroom and Floors Odor Eliminator & Cleaner

    Odor eliminator and cleaner/commercial and residential Dilution: concentrate only Sizes- 1gal, 5gal and 55gal drum Uniquely formulated to eliminate odors caused by urine and feces. All natural, human grade “Good...

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    NoScent – Animal Generated Malodor

    Call for additional information. NoScent offers cocktail solutions to species-specific problems such as zoos, animal preserves, farms, etc.

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    The NoScent Story

    The NoScent concentrate was invented by a renowned Dutch bio-engineer with a passion for animal specific pet odor elimination. The NoScent concentrate is formulated with natural, bacteria based, not enzyme based, human grade bacteria in spore form. The concentrate has been tested and verified to have a stable shelf and transportation life. Pierre Brooks, owner of the iconic “33rd and Bird” exotic bird mercantile in Manhattan, met the Dutch scientist in Germany when he was showcasing his species-specific bird food at a global tradeshow.

    Noting that they had the “specifics” in common, the two began to collaborate. They shared the thought process that different species–although created equally–should be treated individually when it came to addressing diet, waste, and odor.

    Mr. Brooks purchased the exclusive distribution rights for NoScent in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, parts of South America and Africa. The NoScent brand was launched in the U.S. in Tappan, NY in 2015.

    The NoScent agents ae formulated for human applications. These include formulations for human urine, faeces, and waste odor control and elimination.

    The new SMART WASH mitts eliminate the need for water and towels. In one application. Attendants can clean a client having more quality time for other chores. The SMART WASH has been launched ion Holland and is gaining popularity in Nursing Homes and Hospitals in the EU